Sainsbury’s Job Application – Career & Jobs

Sainsbury’s Application Process

Find active Sainsbury’s jobs and apply today. Sainsbury’s, which is still popular today, is visited by hundreds and even thousands of people every day. Since this intensity increases from time to time, staff are often recruited. If your human relations are good and you are a patient person, it is very easy to work here. Because the Sainsbury family always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Sainsbury’s Job Application – Career & Jobs

You can easily apply for entry-level jobs and start your business life here. At the same time, there is a need for personnel who will provide live support to the company, which also offers online services. In some cases, a home office is available, and in some cases, part-time job purchases are available.

Sainsbury’s currently serves approximately 180 thousand employees in 1,428 different locations.

How to Find Sainsbury’s Jobs near you

You can find the closest job postings to your location, and filter part-time or full-time jobs via the link below. You can access all postings from entry-level to management level.

Wherever you live, you can always find a job posting near you on Sainsbury’s. Here’s what you need to do to find the closest Sainsbury’s job postings step by step;

Step 1 – Access the screen below on Sainsbury’s website from here.

Sainsbury's jobs near me
Sainsbury’s jobs near me

Step 2 – You can select your location from the list titled “Location” marked with green, or you can view active job postings by typing your region in the “Show jobs near you” box.

Step 3 – Select the branch you want to apply for by clicking the “Expand” link next to the position you selected from the job postings listed on the right.

Choose the Branch You Want to Work
Choose the Branch You Want to Work

Step 4 – Now, you can find the job postings of the branches closest to you.

Sainsbury's Jobs Near You
Sainsbury’s Jobs Near You

Final step – Make your choice and apply.

Sainsbury’s Job Positions and Salary Information

Just like any other supermarket chain, Sainsbury is always in need of hiring recruits to add to its workforce. The team often hires recruits to fill in job positions for inventory and sales. At entry-level, you may have to fill in job positions for customer service or management. To be employed where you need to display your best work skills. It is also important for you to be of legal age 16 years or above when applying.

Sainsbury’s also took some measures within its own body due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the gains of the epidemic that has been going on for the last 2 years. The first of these is improving the online shopping system and making improvements in the home delivery process. After these studies, new and entry-level personnel were required within the company. For this reason, job seekers have started to look at job postings in locations closer to them by searching like “jobs near me”. The company also hires personnel in this style.

Some of the commonly open job positions are:

Trading Assistant

Average salary £9 – £11 hourly.

As a nightshift Trading Assistant, you’ll likely have less consumer engagement than your dayshift counterparts. When you do come across one of the customers, though, you’ll enjoy assisting them and being aware of their needs. Overall, you’ll ensure they don’t forget about Sainsbury’s experience that keeps them coming back.

You’ll focus on sorting and refilling stock, code checking throughout Sainsbury’s produce, fresh foods, and dry items, and unloading deliveries during each shift. They will teach you all you need to know, so don’t worry.

You’ll always have support as part of a close-knit, devoted team that works and wins together, yet, they will also trust you to utilise your own initiative.


Rate: £10.00 per hour

You won’t need any prior baking expertise since they will teach you all you need to know. What important is that you have a genuine love for cuisine and excellent customer service. You’ll learn on the job and have the opportunity to attend one of the top culinary schools.

While Sainsbury’s Bakers spend the most of their time in the Bakery, they will make sure you’re taught and encouraged to work in a variety of Food Services departments – you may be serving coffee and delicious meals in the café or working on the hot food counter. In any case, you’ll be on hand to ensure that the clients have a positive experience.

Checkout Assistants

This is a job position in which you will be placed at the cash counters in the store department. Your role will be to greet customers, promote purchases and sales, pack items and look after payments. Apart from this, you will also be responsible for maintaining hygiene at the stores and looking into customer queries.

In case you are holding previous experience then it can be considered as an additional advantage. You need to display your best communication skills at the workplace. You should be able to interact with customers. Your hourly pay scale may vary from Pounds 5 to 6 initially.

Sales or Counter Assistant

You can join the team as a sales counter job at the entry level. You will have to work at various counters like the deli, meat or fish counter or at the bakery counter. Apart from this, you can also be posted at the non-food counters. Your main role will be to look at preparing the merchandising process, maintaining displays, calculating cash bills, and looking into hygiene.

You may also assist the customers to find the right product and answering their queries. You need to have a very pleasing personality and be interactive. You need to be of legal age 18 years or above to apply. Your salary may range from Pounds 5 to 7 for every hour.

Food Services Assistant

Rate: £10.00 per hour

One day, you could be working at a café, providing delicious coffee and delicious cuisine. You may be in the bakery one minute and on the hot food counter the next. In any case, you’ll be aware of the needs of your consumers and ensure that they have a memorable experience. From delivering useful advise to conversing about their day, being yourself and providing a customised service whenever feasible will guarantee that every client leaves with the intention of returning.

You don’t need any prior cooking or retail experience since everything will be taught to you.

Driver – Home Delivery

Rate: £10.65 per hour

As a Delivery Driver, you’ll be at the heart of the community, offering a friendly, helpful service to peoples’ doors so they keep coming back to shop with you again and again. They’ll expect you to make every delivery a great experience, always doing the right thing for Sainsbury’s customers, keeping them aware of any delays or changes to their orders – all in all, it’s a busy, hands-on role where you’ll make things happen at pace.

Being a Sainsbury’s Driver isn’t just about delivering goods on time and in great condition. It’s about being yourself, offering a friendly approach and a service that will really wow our customers. We’ll expect you to make every delivery a great experience, always doing the right thing for our customers and keeping them aware of any delays, so they ask us to drop their shopping off again and again.

You’ll receive full training, and you’ll have guaranteed hours, so you can plan ahead. When you’re not out on the road, you’ll help out as one of Sainsbury’s Online Assistants. This is about being really tuned in to picking out the best quality products and putting together our customers’ orders, ready for delivery.

You must be aged at least 18 years or over and hold a UK/EU manual driving licence for at least 12 months (with no more than 6 points on your licence). They’ll ask you to complete an online driving risk assessment as part of your interview and, if you are successful, there will be a driving assessment when you join us.

Services Assistant

If you like variety and helping people – really making their day – this could well be a role you’ll love. As our Services Assistant, you’ll work where you’re needed. Depending on the store, you could find yourself in the office, completing tasks on the shop floor, serving a customer at the checkouts or in a petrol station. What’s more, you’ll be on our all-new Winning Team, which means you can really be the difference.

This job is about doing the right thing for our customers and making sure you really wow them with the best shopping experience possible. After all, that’s what will keep them coming back. So you’ll be the friendly, professional face at check-outs, in kiosks, at the assistance counter – you could even help customers pick up their click and collect parcels.

In fact, you’ll be doing everything you can to make things simple for our customers, from dealing with complaints, refunds and price control, to putting up posters and advertising, or doing the right thing to ensure we’re meeting the rules and Legislation for working with petrol. One thing’s for sure – we’ll give you the training you need to do a great job and you’ll be part of a dedicated team, all working and winning together.

You don’t need to bring any experience to do this role. What matters is that you are able to deliver friendly, efficient and seamless service and you are able to be yourself. Because that’s what our customers really want. Show us you’re passionate about getting involved and working at a pace. And, if you are open to working flexibly when things get quiet, that’s even better.


As a manager, you need to think of increasing the profit margin of the store. You may have to implement better working methods. On regular basis, Sainsbury hires new recruits to fill in managerial positions. Your main role will include offering training to entry-level recruits, implementing new techniques, and looking after the normal functioning of the stores.

Besides, you will also be responsible for looking into customer issues, sales promotions and updating purchases and inventory. You may have to try and create work schedules and prepare daily work timetables for employees. Having prior work experience is a must and added advantage for this position. Your salary as department manager will be around Pounds 18,000 to 30,000 annual. The deputy manager will earn around 30- to 40 thousand pounds annually while managers will earn around 45 thousand pounds annually.

Frequently asked questions about Sainsbury’s jobs

How much does Sainsbury’s pay per hour?

Sainsbury’s has announced that as a company, it will pay between £9.50 an hour. For colleagues working in stores in London’s 1st and 2nd Districts, this will rise to £10.00 an hour.

Do Sainsbury’s hire 16-year-olds?

The requirement for job applications is that they are at least 16 years old. However, for certain positions, this condition can reach 18 years of age.

What qualifications do you need to work at Sainsbury’s?

The primary condition is to be good in human relations, to be patient and devoted, as customer satisfaction will be prioritized. Potential employees should be willing to take the initiative to help shoppers. Counter-assistant jobs must also be at least 18 years old. Sainsbury recruitment managers can search for experience for some positions.

How do I pass a Sainsburys interview?

When they inquire about your experience and accomplishments, you should be able to do it with power. Find out what the job entails. Put yourself in the shoes of the talents they seek and provide concrete instances from your experience to back them up. Bring them in so they can assess whether you and our team are a good fit.

Sainsbury’s interview questions

Being curious about interview questions and preparing in advance means being one step ahead of other candidates. Preparing for the questions you will encounter will prevent you from getting excited, and you will answer confidently. This will affect the manager or human resources you will meet.

Get detailed information via Sainsbury’s Interview Questions and Answers link.

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