Subway Interview Questions with Best Answers in 2023

You should prepare thoroughly for interviews to increase your likelihood of success. If you intend to fill a position at Subway, this article will address some of the questions you should anticipate during the interview. Please review the following:

Subway Interview Questions

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What Is Your Knowledge About Us?

The hiring manager wants you to describe your familiarity with Subway. You can respond to this question using a variety of strategies. You can list some information about Subway, like its reputation and the dishes it sells. Overall, ensure that your response demonstrates your knowledge of the future workplace.

Example Response

Subway was established more than a decade ago. It has slowly grown to become one of the world’s largest fast-food chains. It features the best sandwiches and offers healthier selections than other fast-food franchises. Additionally, it caters to groups or occasions requiring food services.

Why Do You Desire Employment Here?

What about Subway fascinates or excites you enough to apply for this position? We recommend being honest with the interviewer. Do you desire experience that will help you manage your own restaurant in the future, or do you enjoy the Subway work environment? Ensure your communication with the recruiting manager is clear.

Example Response

I have frequented Subway and can affirm that it is one of the finest fast-food chains I have visited. I appreciate that, unlike your competitors, you endeavor to give healthier options. I want to be a member of this organization in order to get experience and meet new people. I also enjoy places that require me to exert myself.

Describe Your Work Experience

This is a typical interview question. If this is your first application, you should not feel intimidated. Just be straightforward with the interviewer and persuade them that you are prepared to give your all. However, if you have past work expertise in this subject, provide an overview.

Example Response

This would be my first job if given the opportunity. I am a student in the hospitality industry seeking employment experience and supplemental funds for education. I enjoy cooking, particularly creating sandwiches. (Alternatively, you can mention that you worked at KFC last summer or that you assisted your mother in managing her business. Just describe any pertinent experience)

What was your favorite aspect of your previous position?

This question will only be asked if you have previous work experience. Your response will reveal the type of employee you are and your workplace compatibility. We recommend that you keep your comments upbeat and highlight your favorite aspects of your previous position. You may also opt to speak positively of yourself.

Example Response

During my previous position, I met and engaged with many people. I was able to establish a varied network. In addition to a supportive manager and devoted team members, our operations ran well. (Avoid citing materialistic motives such as money or employee bonuses)

What Is Your Definition of BMT?

This is your opportunity to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a loyal Subway client or that you completed your research. BMT is an item menu that distinguishes Subway. However, if you do not know the answer, you should not speculate. Remember that you can redeem yourself by answering the next round of questions correctly.

Example Response

BMT is a menu item that stands for larger, meatier, and tastier. It is an Italian sub with salami, pepperoni, and ham. Similar to McDonald’s Big Mac.

How Do You Plan to Greet Customers?

Excellent customer service begins at the entrance. It is equally vital to greet consumers as they enter as it is to serve them. You should tell the interviewer that you will greet consumers with the appropriate attitude to offer the company’s products or services. You might also note how Subway stores are always welcoming.

Example Response

I will approach the customer and greet them with “Welcome to Subway.” I believe in treating everyone with dignity and making them feel valued. I will always be on the lookout for new customers and greet them when the doorbell rings. I am also happy to learn any customary greetings you employ with your guests.

What is Your Definition of Customer Service?

This is an essential question in the hospitality sector. The interviewer requests that you define outstanding customer service. Remember that how you treat consumers determines whether or not they will return. Do not provide a consumer a reason to switch to a different fast-food business due to poor customer service.

Example Response

Excellent customer service, in my opinion, is the ability to maintain a cheerful mood while attending to the demands of clients. It involves attentively listening, taking the correct order, and correctly greeting the customer. When customers are handled properly, they will always feel welcome. There is no better way than to be present for them.

What are your hours of availability?

Unless you intend to work at Subway full-time, the manager will need to know when you will be available to ensure that the restaurant is always staffed. You should be forthright about the times during the week when you will be occupied. Consider the store’s opening and closing timings when formulating an answer.

Example Response

Except for Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I have classes, I will be available every day. I have no difficulty being the first customer to enter the business and the last one to exit. I am quite adaptable and am willing to work at your convenience.

Can You Handle a Challenging Customer?

Working at Subway is not without its difficulties. You will encounter customers that are finicky, irritable, or nasty. Therefore, you should be prepared to deal with them professionally. Convince the interviewer that you possess the skills necessary to manage such customers.

Example Response

I have dealt with such customers in the past and hence understand what is required. I realized that remaining calm and professional in such situations is advantageous. I will inquire about the customer’s particular demands and do my best to accommodate them, regardless of how peculiar they may sound. I shall not hesitate to seek assistance from the manager if I am unable to assist the customer. (Demonstrate that you will go above and beyond for customers, no matter how stubborn or tough they are)

Are You Capable of Welk under Pressure?

Subway has a hectic atmosphere. You should be prepared for multiple orders, demanding and impatient customers, sounds of laughter from all directions, to name a few. Therefore, the manager must ensure that you will be able to manage all these tasks without losing your composure.

Example Response

I work effectively under pressure. It brings out the best in me since I am able to maintain attention and composure in a demanding atmosphere. When I have a large number of orders, I can provide personalized service to each customer while keeping the line moving. I do not typically avoid asking for assistance when I am overwhelmed.

How do you envision a typical workday?

Have you ever considered your typical day at Subway? What everyday responsibilities do you anticipate performing? Do you know how a busy day at Subway appears? We recommend that you depict a hectic day. Given their customer base, Subway will not permit you to have peaceful shifts. You will always have customers waiting for sandwiches, so spend your leisure time cleaning and restocking supplies.

Example Response

I anticipate a hectic day due to your large consumer base. I will be interacting with customers and attending to their requirements, cleaning surfaces before to the restaurant’s opening and at the end of my shift, cooking sandwiches, and storing ingredients. I am prepared for the lack of opportunities to lounge around.

You will primarily perform the same tasks each day. How will you guarantee that you exert effort every day?

Working at Subway does not offer a diversity of positions. You will perform the same tasks every day, which might be somewhat monotonous. It would be preferable to persuade the interviewer that you will not allow boredom to hinder your daily efforts to improve your job performance. There are multiple ways to tackle this question. Ensure you choose the best.

Example Response

I prefer monotonous jobs. Because I am currently developing my skill set, I cannot promise to be the most innovative or varied employee. Following the same manual and executing identical tasks every day will assist me to improve in this position. (You can also refer to your personal objectives that necessitate your best performance at work.)

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