TK Maxx Job Application, Career & Jobs

TK Maxx is a name that represents one of the top-rated department chains within the UK. Being extremely popular, this is also one of the most preferred places for employees seeking new job prospects. As the retail store operates a massive chain of stores, so they are always looking around for new recruits on regular basis. TK Maxx stores operate throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands, totalling 515 stores in Europe and 35 in Australia. In Poland, there are a total of 44 stores.

The company always ensures they hire the best talent for the job openings. You may always find better job openings for common positions like Mangers or Customer service representatives. Job seekers who are interested in working on a full-time or part-time basis can apply for any job position via their online application form. This is also one of the best ways to apply for a job at the entry level.

TK Maxx Job Application, Career & Jobs

You can find various jobs in different categories throughout the year that can boost your career. In general, new recruits have to get started with TK Maxx at the entry-level as cashiers or CSR. You may also find many job openings at the management levels for experienced employees. The company offers employees with best salary package and incentives. You can search for the current job openings at the official website and apply via the online application form.

Popular positions and salary information

TK Maxx is consistently looking around for new recruits who are energetic and proficient. The job positions can be applied full-time in various departments inside the store. It is important for you to meet basic eligibility criteria in order to apply for any position.

The general requirement for any employee would vary depending on the nature of the job and position. The company also offers new recruits seasonal and part-time opportunities on a regular basis. Listed below are some of the most common job positions available at the stores.

Like the measures taken all over the world, TK Maxx has taken certain measures within the scope of Covid-19. The most important of these has been to increase online shopping in order to maintain social distance. Since people could not leave the house and come to the stores during the shutdowns, TK Maxx preferred to go to them and therefore updated and developed the virtual market system. Purchases are continuing in areas that do not require entry-level experience to operate in this field.

Store Associates

Store Associates are true ambassadors for the business and are enthusiastic and proud to work with us. They are positive, confident and approachable, have a natural style when interacting with customers and are always willing to help out and work as part of a team to achieve business goals. They love the fact that no two days are the same; the pace is fast as the firm receives thousands of new products every week to create the treasure hunt experience that customers love.

Sales Associate

This job position is also referred to as the sales assistant position. The recruits are expected to work at various point-of-sales counters in the store and stock rooms. Your working hours may vary depending on your experience and job availability. Your main role at the store may include supervising, checking sales, inventory list, maintaining display items at counters and assisting sales.

You may have to report to the managers and supervisors on daily basis for sales and cash. You may also have to take the responsibility of handling cash at the sales counters. As customer service is one of the most important aspects of your job position so you need to ensure that you are a pleasing personality. You need to possess excellent interaction skills with customers and employees. When joining at entry-level, your salary may start from 6 or 7 pounds for an hour.

Loss Prevention Advisor

As a Loss Prevention Officer, it is critical to safeguard both people and profits. You’ll be responsible for preventing loss on the sales floor and serving as a customer-facing advocate for the loss prevention function. You’ll also be able to maintain composure and professionalism under duress.

You’ll be self-motivated and tenacious, with an exceptional ability to communicate. Working with the Loss Prevention team and store management to execute Loss Prevention rules and practices while maintaining integrity.

Experience working in a customer-facing capacity in a fast-paced retail setting is preferred but not required. It would also be beneficial, but not necessary, to grasp the role of the Loss Prevention function inside the company.

You will be expected to handle external theft situations properly, and they will assist you with this by providing the appropriate technical training.

Assistant Manager

As a Store Manager or Assistant Manager, you will take responsibility for a store environment that is constantly changing. Thanks to our unique business model, you’ll never know what merchandise will be delivered next, meaning plenty of variety and unique finds for your customers every day!

You will lead with vision, adapt and flex to suit the needs of your business and most importantly have a genuine commitment to taking your team on the journey with you. Our Store Managers lead by example, role model the company culture and values and in turn gain trust and respect by doing what they say they will do. You will drive to achieve your business goals through the work of others, inspiring your team by identifying, developing and supporting their talent.


This is a type of full-time job position at the stores. At the management level, you can apply for different positions like general manager, stores manager or supervisor. When applying for a supervisor position you can also request for the part-time job available. TK Maxx will offer with full-time job position for the post of manager or General Manager.

Your main role will be to offer the right level of training for new recruits. You may also be responsible for preparing employees to work schedules, analyzing sales and inventory reports, implementing new protocols, studying profits and implementing techniques for increasing sales.

You will have to coordinate with the shipment of goods, check with product deliveries, organize campaigns and communicate with corporate offices. At the supervisor level, your salary would be around 7 to 8 pounds an hour. As a stores manager, you can be paid around 40,000 to 50,000 pounds annually. As General Manager you will be drawing a salary package of 65,000 pounds yearly.

How to Apply for TK Maxx Jobs

Let’s examine the step-by-step application process in all its details.

Step 1 – Click here to access all advertisements.

Step 2 – If you did not see the position you want to work for on the page that opens, you can say “search jobs” after typing the job in the search box.

Step 3 – You can click on it to see the details of your dream position.

Step 4 – After reading all the details, if you think this position suits you and your skills, you can click on “apply now”.

Step 5 – You can create an account for this site by entering your email and password, or you can start your application via LinkedIn.

Step 6 – After entering all the information requested from you, you can submit your application.

TK Maxx Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is a printable application form available for TK Maxx, and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person, or you can send it via email.

FAQ about getting a job at TK Maxx

Does TK Maxx pay well?

Salary satisfaction: Average T.J. Maxx hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.70 per hour for Sales Representatives to $13.64 per hour for Merchandise Managers. The average T.J. Maxx salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Associate Managers to $76,210 per year for Merchandise Managers.

How much does TK Maxx pay per hour UK?

The typical T.K.Maxx Sales Assistant makes £10 Per Hour.

Does TK Maxx hire 16-year-olds?

Yes. 16 and older.

How long does break at TJ Maxx?

Yes, only one break and a 45-minute lunch are allowed.

Is TK Maxx a good place to work?

One employee said that:
“Tk maxx store was usually quite busy, makes the day go faster. The pay was great compared to other retail stores and hours were quite flexible. A lot to learn at the beginning, but definitely worth it. Nice place to work, sometimes very busy and had to stay for longer but they always paid more for overtime.”

About TK Maxx

TK Maxx is part of The TJX Companies family and was first launched in the UK and Ireland in 1994. In 2007 TK Maxx expanded into Europe, opening stores in Germany. Soon after, in 2008 TJX brought our sister company HomeSense to the UK, and launched in the UK online in 2009, as well as opening stores in Poland. European expansion continued in 2015 with TK Maxx stores opening in both Austria and the Netherlands. In 2017 Homesense opened its doors to Ireland.

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