IKEA Interview Questions with Best Answers in 2023

Interview Questions and Answers for IKEA

IKEA is one of the largest international retailers of furniture, appliances, and home accessories. In all of its stores, it designs and sells ready-to-assemble products. This post examines some of the questions you may encounter during an IKEA interview. Please review the following:

IKEA Interview Questions

If you haven’t applied for a job yet, use the IKEA job application link.

Why Do You Wish to Join Our Team?

What interests you most about IKEA?
This is a standard introductory inquiry, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
The interviewer desires to know why you submitted your application.
Ensure that you speak well about the organization, and if feasible, say something commendable.

Example Response

  • I adore your products and the outstanding service I receive when I buy at your establishments.
  • I appreciate that you do not use high-pressure sales tactics with your customers.
  • Therefore, I would be honored to work for you and receive something that keeps me busy.

What Is Your Knowledge About Us?

Now that you have informed the interviewer of your aims, it is time to assess your knowledge about the organization.
Mention as many IKEA facts as possible, which necessitates taking your studies carefully.
Examine the organization’s website and take whatever you can.

Example Response

You are a Swedish firm founded in the Netherlands in 1943 that designs and sells furniture, kitchen appliances, and various home items.
You support the IKEA foundation, a philanthropic front that invests a substantial amount of money, effort, and time in aiding children throughout the world.
You enable clients to shop online, so saving them time.
I’ve also noticed that each of your eateries has a store.

Who are Our Opponents?

The interviewer wishes to determine whether you are familiar with the market dynamics surrounding the organization.
The correct response will also indicate to the interviewer how well you have prepared.
Examine IKEA’s market niche and identify competing businesses in the same market niche.

Example Response

  • Given how competitive the retail industry is, you have a substantial number of competitors.
  • Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon, and Target are among the most formidable.
  • (Keep in mind that the interviewer has not mentioned a specific number.
  • Therefore, you may list as many as possible. Just ensure that they are worthy rivals)

How will you ensure that IKEA provides exceptional customer service?

Given the significance of customers in the retail industry, this is an essential question that you should anticipate. Customers are important to every business because they dictate performance. Convince the interviewer that you can provide superior customer service and are willing to uphold the same high standards. Your response should also be concise and to the point.

Example Response

  • I will ensure that customers are warmly greeted and attended to throughout their shopping experience.
  • I will also be available to receive complaints and resolve any issues that arise. If permitted by your policies,
  • I have no problem helping a customer carry their purchases to their car.

Have You Ever Gone Beyond the Call of Duty for a Customer?

This is a common interview question in retail that assesses your willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Beyond-the-call-of-duty customer service results in increased business, which is what all companies want. Convince the interviewer that you will do whatever is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, be mindful of the organization’s policies and code of conduct concerning the matter.

Example Response

  • My previous restaurant allowed us to outsource food for specific restaurants when we lacked a requested item.
  • One day, we lacked a customer-requested dessert, and I had to visit ten approved restaurants until I found it.

Why do you consider customer service to be essential?

Why should businesses ensure excellent customer service? This is a direct question that requires you to get to the point immediately. Mention the significance of superior customer service to any organization. Convince the interviewer that you understand why it is crucial to make customers feel welcome and motivated to return.

Example Response

Excellent customer service increases customer loyalty, sells the business, ensures that customers will spend more money in the store, and increases the frequency of customer visits. It ensures customer retention and strengthens customer loyalty.

Describe Your Attendance at Your Previous Job.

When answering this question, you should be truthful with your interviewer. Remember that they can easily discover the truth by calling your previous employer or workplace. Assure the interviewer that you understand how important it is to start your shift on time and take your job seriously.

Example Response

  • I had perfect attendance at my previous job.
  • I missed only two days of work due to unavoidable family obligations.
  • I take my job seriously and only call in late or miss work if I am gravely ill or out of options.
  • I can assure you that attendance and punctuality will not be an issue.

Working at IKEA Presents Difficulties. How do you intend to maintain motivation?

You must remain motivated to give your job your all. Without the proper motivation, you may consider quitting a job if it presents obstacles. Convince the interviewer that you will not be unmotivated at work and will always give your best effort. Do not mention money or discounts for employees.

Example Response

I am aware of the difficulties associated with this position, given the hectic nature of the work environment. However, I believe that I will acquire new knowledge and face new obstacles that will inspire me to improve and give my all. Additionally, this company values teamwork, which I find extremely motivating. Finally, mentoring and coaching others will be a source of inspiration for me.

Have You Ever Handled a Dissatisfied Customer?

Tell us how you will handle one of these if you are hired. This interviewer and the entire business expect you to put the customer first. Therefore, you must understand how to interact with the various types of customers who walk through the door. Convince the interviewer that you can maintain professionalism and compassion when interacting with customers. Whenever necessary, draw from experience.

Example Response

I’ve dealt with numerous unhappy customers. Typically, I attentively hear their complaints, apologize, and then assist them. If a customer is dissatisfied with a product, I will review the organization’s return policy and decide how to proceed. However, if a customer cannot locate an item, I will assist them in their search rather than simply directing them.

How Long Are You Planning to Stay?

The cost of hiring and educating employees is high. Interviewers seek candidates who are committed to staying for at least two months. No one wants to continue conducting employee interviews on a daily basis, as this consumes time that would be better spent focusing on profitability and business growth. Convince the interviewer that you will remain with the organization for a minimum of three to six months. Be honest if you are a student.

Example Response

I have always desired employment at IKEA. Therefore, I intend to remain for a longer period of time, as landing this position would be more of a dream come true. Additionally, I am willing to do whatever it takes to excel at this position and contribute to value addition in order to ensure my longevity.

Please describe your prior work experience.

IKEA does not require previous experience for employment. However, the organization may consider this if there are numerous qualified applicants for the same position. You must highlight any experience that will help you stand out and persuade the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate for the role in question. You can also describe how your prior experience has prepared you for the position you are applying for. However, if you lack experience, you must demonstrate to the interviewer that you are confident in your ability to perform.

Example Response

  • I lack any practical experience in this field. Nonetheless,
  • I possess a variety of skills that will allow me to perform exceptionally well.
  • I am confident in my ability to perform this work and would be honored to be given the opportunity.
  • I am also a beginner, so you will not need to invest a great deal of time and resources in my training.

What Would You Bring If You Had the Chance?

The interviewer anticipates that you will relate your strengths, selling points, and personality to the position at hand. Mention abilities, skills, and characteristics that will allow you to make a positive impact in the store, either by increasing the profit margin or by providing excellent customer service. You can also choose a distinguishing trait or quality about yourself, for example.

Example Response

If given the opportunity, I am willing to contribute a range of skills. These include responsibility, the ability to go above and beyond for customers, excellent communication skills, teamwork, and the desire to remain with IKEA and build a career.

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