Best Christmas Jobs for Extra Income – Temporary

As Christmas approaches and the entertainment, parties and festivities held outdoors and at home begin to increase one by one, people move towards shopping malls or boutique markets to buy gifts for loved ones, and towards the cheese and wine corridor of the supermarket for parties. It is at this time that the concept of “holiday jobs” developed specifically for this period emerges and thousands of temporary seasonal roles available for job seekers appear. If you are unemployed at this time, if you are looking for a job or want to create additional money for yourself, we have compiled the most preferred jobs for you.

Best Christmas Jobs for Extra Income – Temporary

9 Temporary Christmas Jobs

Santa Claus

What comes to mind when one says New Year, Christmas or Holiday? Of course Santa Claus and his deers.
Shopping malls, grocery stores, or the city’s busy streets around the world want to hire their own Santa Claus during the holiday season and employ them to entertain their customers. The only requirement to get and do this job is to move around cheerfully and maybe be a little bit. Given the overwhelming attention from children, it will probably help to successfully pass a criminal record check in addition to being patient and friendly. The salary is good, with mall Santa’s earning between $ 7,000 and $ 10,000 a year (£ 5,260 – £ 7,510) – not bad for a season to run!

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Christmas daemon

Do you like this kind of work but still don’t want to get a lot of attention and walk around in those big red outfits in white wigs? Then being a Christmas elf is for you. All you have to do is wear green shiny clothes and help Santa Claus throughout the day, take care of the children, keeping them in an orderly line and make sure some kind of festive candy is reserved for each child’s problems.

Ski instructor:

If you say that Christmas is not without snow and snow is not without skiing, it means that you are going to ski every holiday season. What about those who don’t know how to slide? If you know and feel good enough to teach someone, you can apply for a seasonal position at a ski resort. Don’t just think of it as a ski instructor, those places offer job seekers a wide variety of roles that include everything from travel operators, chefs, cleaners and bartenders to guest service, management and ski instructors. The best part is that in your free time you will experience an authentic Alpine winter first hand with the fireplace, chalets and hot chocolate.

Retail worker:

Let’s get to the things that have a little more solid ground … We mentioned at first that people tend to spend money at this time. They buy gifts for loved ones and organize meals and parties at home. Therefore, both markets, supermarkets and shopping centers, which are the most comprehensive ones, are visited by many people during this period. Therefore, there is an excessive density than usual and the shops cannot reach this density and they have to hire periodic employees. If you want to work in line with the demands of the customers, struggle with the intensity and fully experience the holiday enthusiasm, you can choose the retail sector and find a job from the center.

For example, you can work as a Christmas Team Worker at the Debenhams store for £ 6.74 (under 21 years) – £ 8.82 per hour. Or you can work as a seasonal sales representative at L’Occitane stores for £ 8.72 per hour. Similarly WHSmith It is possible to work as a team member in stores with an hourly salary increasing by up to 8.72.

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Delivery driver:

Recently, everyone has turned to online shopping and picking their gifts from home and waiting for them to come home will be a very logical option to be a cargo worker, delivery driver, courier. UPS, Yodel and Royal Mail advertise for thousands of extra positions during the holidays, primarily in offices, but also in driving and driver support positions. Many of these temporary roles can also result in permanent employment.

Uber driver:

Sometimes people do not want or are not in a position to drive their own cars after the Christmas parties. A new profession appears right here. A great way to monetize your driver’s license during the winter months is to work for Uber, the taxi service app where you can set your own hours of operation. The high number of office parties and the general holiday spirit means there are plenty of freaks and partygoers looking to gather and be taken home. Premiums are also higher at this time of the year, which means you can earn some serious money.


For obvious reasons, people tend to buy and cook a lot of turkey at this time of year. As a butcher, this means your services are in high demand. Christmas is probably the most profitable time of the year because people pamper themselves with all kinds of meat. If you are predisposed to this kind of profession, it may be the right choice for you.

Personal shopper:

Would you like to buy gifts for people who do not have time to buy gifts but have to? If yes, this job is for you. Many people do not like shopping during the Christmas period and prefer to hand it over to more willing and skilled hands. You can work as a personal shopper in a freelance role or for boutiques and department stores. If you’re good, you might even find a high-end client responsible for securing gifts valued between $ 10,000 and $ 2 million (£ 7,510 – £ 1.5 million).

Customer service representative:

Christmas is a busy time for consumers and industry workers. Of course, increased sales can also mean increased demand for customer service reps, as businesses have delayed packages, damaged or dysfunctional items, etc. It needs to deal with more inquiries regarding. This is a great opportunity to get a job in customer service and answer emails and calls. Plus, you can even do this from the comfort of your own home, as companies often employ remote workers for their temporary positions!

These are just a few of the seasonal missions during the Holiday periods. We can list many more tasks for you, especially based on shopping and trade. If you urgently need a job during this period, if you say that I am willing to get tired of whatever job is, works in shopping malls and supermarkets can be a good option. Although there are not very high wages, you can find a wide variety of jobs with good hourly wages, with the risk of getting a little fatigued.

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